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Payment Reversals

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

I just had about $2500 reversed on me by Paypal because they couldn’t get funds from the sender. This is ridiculous. I have already performed the services. I called them and they basically told me there is ZERO protection for services and non-tangible goods. This is how it should be: the sender is the one Paypal should be going after not me. Now I’m in the hole $2500 more. Paypal needs to verify the funds before they let me receive it, thinking the money is mine.

Apparently money in your Paypal account is not very safe at all. As seen by other cases on here, it can be frozen, stopped, and in my case, reversed. So by this, this means someone can open a paypal account, use some fake/stolen bank account or credit card and buy items/services and send money freely. Then the funds don’t clear because of the fraudulent info and paypal goes after the receipients of the money and takes that away. Then the payer gets away without paypal doing anything to them. In my case, paypal said the only way for me to get my loss back is if the payer sends the money again (which could be uncleared funds AGAIN). Which means paypal is not holding the sender liable in any way.

They need to protect the seller more and instead, go after the sender. The sender should be the one taking the risk when they send money. Now there’s never a guarantee for me when I receive money. I could have $10000 but then have it reversed by paypal then next day. Sorry for the long story but it just happened and I am in a typing frenzy. Thank you for listening. Let’s rise up and make Paypal responsible!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:14 pm


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2 thoughts on “Payment Reversals
  1. Layla Blue on

    How it should be and the reality are two very diffent worlds my friend. I learned this when I had a tiff with the customer service reps at paypal. They only care about themselves and getting their grubby little hands on OUR money. It’s not because you had an intangle item that they didnt support you, I sold clothing and they didnt side with me because it was “used” which violated their acceptable product lines.

  2. Dr. Wolfenson on

    You are correct; money in your paypal account is not safe. Using paypal is the worst thing you can do for your business or personal financial life. That company single-handedly ruined me. My account was flagged because some bozo with the same last name had a bad record with them. It took 8.5 months for me to recover after dealing with them. Their customer service is close to non-existent. They put me on hold and transferred me around as if I had time for their games.