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Payment With No Account

By Michael

I have been selling on line for over 8 years, first on Bidfeilds then on ebay for the last 3 years, in june even though my listing DO NOT list paypal as an option, BTW ussually i put  in bold I DONOT ACCEPT PAYPAL however ebay ussualy edits that out, anyway this buyer up and makes a payment by paypal, AND THEY ACCEPTED IT!!! so i tried to log in and guess what i CANT! when i tried to get my password it says it is invalid, when i try to get my email it says my info is unknown, when it try to open a new account,,,,

MY INFOS ON FILE!!, so for 2-3 hours a night 1 or 2 days a week for the next month and a half i go around in circles with them,   finnaly on tues night July 26th i get a message from them saying “.. the payment was accepted in error, your user information was transfered directly from ebay but your account was never ‘activated’ this is why you have been unable to log on, your account is now acctive and you may log on using your street as your temprorary password.”

they didnt even say SORRY let alone offered to waive fees! and whats my buyer doing during all this? “Please advise as I have be

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 8:39 am


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