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PAYPAL 4 Accounts Locked Up

As all of us I am here because of what paypal has done to my business. I will start out with a little history of our paypal accounts and monies taken. About 3 years ago we opened up our first paypal account and netted around $1500 a week of misc items in our warehouse.

After about 3 months we had some issues and paypal locked our account up due to complaints, we quickly fixed the complaints and refunded everyones money. Paypal closed the account and held $1700.00. We fought with them to get the money, no shocker, no help!

A year later we open another account, and no paypal never refunded the $1700.00!!! We go along making decent money $2000-$3000 a week, about a month into it paypal locks it up again with $4000, and says its linked to the old account and this is why they locked it up. At this point we are ready to bomb them!

Finally paypal refunds the money and says we ok to continue to do buisiness. SO we open ANOTHER ACCOUNT this is last month, sales go well we make around $4500+ and are withdrawing on a steady basis, finally the reverse a withdrawl for $1200 and lock up another $1300 in our account and nothing we can do.

SO now we are out $2500. ANy adivice or help PLEASE we cant keep waiting 180 days for our money. We have fixed any and all problems supposedly assoicated with our account(s).

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:57 am


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