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PayPal Access Limited

By Yoli

Paypal informed me that my account was under limited access because one of my buyers had complained about suspicious behavior. The truth is that I was transfering the funds as soon as they were paid because I did not trust them, and right away they invented this story because they couldn’ t stand for me to take out my money. In the past I had always left my money in the account and had never had a problem. This time was different because previously, the first time that a customer complained about item not as he expected, they gave me a 3 day limit to provide tracking otherwise I would’ve lost the claim. At that time I was traveling overseas, and not constantly on the PC. luckily for me I had the tracking numbers with me because Ebay customers are so unusual, online custyomers you always have 2 b extra careful with!!So, I happened to read the email on the last 5 hrs before the deadline. I quickly sent the tracking number, and dodged that bullit. Which shows the ease with which they are willing to give away your money, as long as they don’t lose. they will not fight for you at paypal. after that i no
longer trusted them.

Yet, as they saw me taking my money out, they started asking me to verify my phone #, send tracking number for 5 transactions, where i hadn’t even received the money yet since they had it locked. Next they said to not only submit the tracking, then they have to wait until the customers receive the item, and tell us everything is fine!!!What a joke. i couldn’t believe my ears. They will not unlock my account even after giving them the tracking. They have to wait 1-2 weeks (ups ground), until the customer told them that everything was fine!!These were fresh transactions, barely 2 days old, as this occoured on late monday night, and I had gotten paid on sunday, and early monday.

How can anyone do business like that?? Why is Paypal even still around?? Where is the competition??? Paypal needs to go.These people are gangsters hiding under the cloak of darkness, with their anonymity excuse…What a joke…LOL…You can never speak to them directly. The whole operation is extremely shady. They want all of our info but we can ‘t even get a direct contact except by email. Then they asked me for faxed invoices, and contact info for my supplier, then they linked my account with a relative, and said we shared the same address, therefore I would have to pay that account off before they would review my limited access? I knew what that meant.

So, I proceeded to refund all of my customers even the one that I had quickly shipped the product to before knowing what they were going to do. I preferred for him to have the money than Paypal…I was responsible for this other account yet they were so tight lipped on giving me any info on this supposedly linked account? i was responsible for it, but for security they couldn’t tell me anything about it…what a joke. There is a little bit of money left in it, but nothing of value. Throughout the whole process they had told me that I could not refund the money myself, that I had to email them each transaction number so that they could do it for me.

Yet, when i informed my customers and they called they were told there was no such order pending. I folloowed up, and was told the same thing. But a guy the night b4 had told me he saw it. So i said that, and all of the sudden he saw it. But said it would take a  week for the process to complete. so i tried it on my own, and all monies were refunded within 2 minutes!!!what a joke? What a bunch of liars, and criminals these Paypal employees are! How despicable!!Paypal needs to go down!! Their business practices are shameful and an insult to all decent, conscionable people everywhere!!!What are your suggestions on besting these people at PAYPAL???

Thank you

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:20 pm


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