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PayPal Account Blocked

By Massimo

Hi to everybody!

I have not time to read every single your question at right…ok?

I have ONE ONLY SERIOUS problem and I DON’T KNOW WHY!?

My Paypal Account is been BLOCKED, without sense! Without a GOOD REASON!

Please, let me know something about, because I working through the Paypal account and in these conditions my life is a tragedy!

Please, I’m a correct and an Honest Ebay seller: YOU REMOVED THE BLOCKED TO ME!!!

Thanks for your patience and availabilty…I HOPE WELL!

Best Regards,
Massimo Curcio

P.S. I APOLOGIZE, but I don’t know well the english language.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:20 pm


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One thought on “PayPal Account Blocked
  1. Colette Smith on

    I don’t blame you when you say you don’t have the time, it would take hours to read all of these posts lol. Paypal isn’t very helpful when it comes to unblocking accounts, it seems as though they consider you’re guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. When you log into your paypal account you want to hit the Resolution Center tab and you will be provided information on why the account has been limited. Good luck, I wish I had an “easy” button to provide you with, but at this point you are at their mercy.