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PayPal Account Hijacked

By Dr. E. L. Threadgill

My PayPal account was used w/o my authorization 11/07/04 to purchase the product you see below. Neither my bank, PayPal, Ebay has refunded money taken. I am in the long process of affidavits proving I am me.  No one made the violator prove they had the authority to take from my account. PayPal can’t say how this was done but my receipt from PayPal proves it was done. You need to know your PayPal account is not as secured as PayPal would have you to believe…Don’t let this happen to you.

This is the email sent on 11/07/04 to me from PayPal…I am NOT gloria3946 and I didn’t order this product. I would never have seen this website if I hadn’t had my bank account cleaned out by PayPal 11/08/04…Now I am sending this message to everyone  and I advised whoever reads this to think seriously before trusting their personal data to PayPal/Ebay.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 4:49 am


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