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Paypal Account Limited

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Message I need advice on how to lift the limitation that has been placed on my Paypal account. They have placed my account, my husband’s account, my mother’s account, and even my friend’s account on hold for no reason whatsoever.

They said that our accounts are linked just because we have signed on from the same computer. There is over $1600(all acounts combined)of our money on hold, some of it for over 3 months. Everytime any of us ask how we can resolve this problem they never give us a straight answer, they just tell us that there was some kind of “supicious activity” that forced them to limit access to all of our accounts.

My mom just recently opened a Paypal account and they placed it on hold as soon as they saw that there were items being sold on Ebay and paid for through their website. She was already previously verified, (in every sense of the word) yet they claim that she needs to verify more information. Believe me when I tell you…there is nothing left for them to verify. Now she is forced to ship items that she has sold while Paypal keeps her hard earned money to make more money for themselves.

I know that there has to be a way to have all of our accounts unlinked and released so that we may withdraw our money and close our accounts, but I haven’t figured it out yet. If there is anything that you know that can help me with this situation, please respond to this email at your earliest convenience. I will appreciate any help that you can extend to me. Thank you for your time.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:08 am


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One thought on “Paypal Account Limited
  1. Symphony on

    Paypal also limited my mom’s account because I helped her open her account since my and my husband’s account were limited and I had moneypaks to put somewhere.
    So…my hubby was able to get our accounts restricted so my mom called later on and asked for her account to be restricted and that they were so helpful in restoring her daughter and son in laws account. 5 minutes later all of us got an email that said they were all limited again. So my mom calling Paypal and telling them that mine account was restored actually caused hell to break loose and now they have over 3K in all our accounts. So once again my hubby and I called and this time were told no can do. We are high risk, and “fraudulent” in so many words (I believe it was loading moneypaks on and transferring money out – but we told them that when they lifted the restriction because my hubby is in the service and bought a bunch of moneypaks to disburse for living expenses instead of cash. I don’t have a checking account because our bk got me caught up in chexsystems without realizing it and I’ve disputed that too with zero luck. Anyway, Now that my husband and I have tried and tried they won’t release saying activity was suspicious. So I figured my mom should at least be able to cuz all that is on her account is 2 money paks. No buying or selling or transferring. But they said that because of the link between us it’s too risky and now my mom is banned too. Guilty by association …or by blood? Or the fact she flipping lives 3 blocks from me and spends a lot of time with me and her grand kids. There have been 2 times they gave her the chance to resolve by sending in an i.d. and by that next morning it was removed again. I cannot believe the b.s. They said their reasoning is because it is apparent she gave them misleading information, that she is basically fraudulent. By what? loading 2 moneypaks onto her account? That is it! No other transactions. I can understand, i guess my hubby and I getting the limits since we did alot of transfers and bank withdrawls but that’s hardly fair to my mother who shouldn’t be punished because she opened an account at the same time, loaded the moneypaks with her and our permission and said she wanted to purchase ebay items. She even said that they were welcome to make sure everyday that that is what it will be used for but they won’t tell us why because it’s a SECRET, they don’t want fraudulent people knowing what they know. Wow, I said well you told me I was a fraudulent person already so…and based on what? Speculation, pure speculation. It is the biggest pile of B.S. I have ever heard. Now they said it is a risk for them to have my mom as a customer. What’s the risk? Like really? They say they hold for 6 months due to chargebacks but the account was limited before she even had a chance to blink. So what liars. What flat our liars. The last a hole she talked to says -I’ve been doing this along time and I can tell you that from what I see there is no way you’re going to change anyone’s mind. Oh, so basically your new president that said there would be changes made was just a publicity stunt? I’m so furious I could cry. It is all the money I had. I planned to buy my son a new bed for his room, fix up our kitchen and build a doghouse this summer. Guess what? Paypal just shattered those dreams while they get to collect more and more interest off OUR money. SCREW PAYPAL…. I am going to try for the small claims or demand for payment