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PayPal Account Locked And Unusable

By Lionel

It all started with me having a lot of confidence on ebay and paypal. I had previously purchased a couple of items before paying with paypal, but never actually having to deal with the company itself. It was around christmas time and my sister had said she wished she could get some color contacts. I jumped on the computer and searched ebay and found a merchant that was selling some for 30 bucks with the “buy-it-now” option. I did so and quickly sent payment.

About 4 days later after I had already finished the auction, I got a letter from ebay stating that the auction had been cancelled because selling contacts online like that was not allowed. Ok, so then I wasn’t sure if the merchant had already sent the item or not, so I emailed them. I got a short message from the stating they were negotiating with ebay. Well, if I had bought them 4 days ago, shouldn’t they have already sent them out?

Regardless, they did tell me to give them a chance to work things out. Well, week went by… then two… three.. then I started getting mad. I emailed the merchant again, asking them to give me a refund only to have an automated message sent back saying their mailbox was full. Well, I sure as heck wasn’t happy, so I tried seeing what I could do with ebay. I couldn’t file a bad seller report since the auction listing was no longer existed (since ebay cancelled the auction 4 days later), and ebay simply told me to try and work things out. They weren’t really rude, but they really doing much. I thought I had read somewhere on ebay to allow a merchant up to 30 days before actually filing a report, and well, that’s not true.

A month passed, so I decided to file a report with paypal. To my surprise, it instantly made a decision; case was closed since the auction was more than 30 days later, so they weren’t going to do anything about it. I pretty much gave up them (I mean, it was only 30 bucks), but then I realized I was letting someone win and I wasn’t going to let that happen. I decided to give my bank a call (Wells Fargo), to see if they could do anything.

Unlike paypal, they were there to help me, and gave me to option to block payment, to which I did, and that’s where all the problems began. Paypal took my payment block as someone misusing MY OWN bank account, and not having funds to work with, automatically charged my credit card (you know how the linking goes). It then also blocked me from using my paypal account, saying I would only be able to restore access if I faxed them a bank statement, a copy of my driver’s license, and some other stuff.

They became the problem all of a sudden. I called my bank again and told them that they had charge my account again, so they decided to file a online fraud report, as to which they would actually investigate what happened. During that month or so of investigation, they did give me a provisional credit (those measly 30 bucks I really didn’t care about in the first place), and did a check as to what happened. Eventually, they did finish the investigation and found it to be in my favor.

Of all the nerve, I got an email from paypal stating they wished I would have attempted to resolve the problem with them instead of going to my bank. Well, duh! I did! I wouldn’t have done all that if they would have fixed it. Of course, my paypal account remained locked and unusable. I’m glad I didn’t have any money in paypal itself. Overall, I think that company brings close competition to satan. STAY AWAY!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:38 am


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