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PayPal and Ebay Watergate

By James Garner

I will briefly share my encounter.

* I am refunding a client for a TV purchase so he can use a different purchase method.

* PayPal freezes account for no reason.

* I work with PayPal by phone for three weeks getting four promises from them that they will process the refund for my customer. Each time it does not happen.

* PayPal notifies me that a chargeback for a fraudulent transaction takes place.

* Before that happened although I could not make any decisions on my account my four promises were lies. I had gone all the way up to a Bob a Supervisor. He promised to take care of it to me and my customer immediately.

* Paypal is forced by Credit Card company to withdraw funds from my PayPal account for a purchase that was automated from my web site.

* PayPal states in agreement first come first served. I expect PayPal to complete the refund but instead they process the chargeback first (although it is second) then refund a small fraction to my customer.

* In turn I look like the bad guy and the chargeback goes to the person that “stole” the product we shipped. I lose the product, the chargeback, and my reputation because they did not keep a promise. They also had no protection from the fraudulent transaction.

* That in turn sets off a series of events with other customers because I am suddenly suspended from eBay like I am the crook or something. I am just trying to earn a living. No revenue, no way to justify what PayPal did, running to explain to customers what happened, and ultimately my business is in ruins. I was a powerseller for Ebay with 161 great feedbacks and a number of verified PayPal transactions.

The reason for all this is basically one thing. PayPal does not admit an error and they do not check credit card payments before approving them for the purchase of an item like normal credit card companies do, or even some payment sites such as Bidpay which checks every transaction before approving them. PayPal is doing exactly what all of the information here on this site says it is doing.

1 Using their clients money to generate income through a reduction in bank fees.

2. The money market account is not a real money market account. They do not provide quarterly statements.

3. They are not interested in their moral obligation and all correspondence is preset email messages.

What does that tell you. Preset email messages indicate to me that they are overwhelmed with complaints.

The watergate person was someone that contacted me by email and by phone to state he had a 9 million lawsuit against PayPal in the state of Ohio because they do not have the proper status to operate in Ohio. He even emailed me information that stated he had the name PayPal registered in the state of Ohio and PayPal could not legally use the name until they went through a number of hoops. I don’t know the guy and don’t know why he shared his information with me, but he has four lawyers working on the case, or so he said. My point is there is alot of behind the scenes activity related to Ebay and PayPal and don’t be surprised to see it come out in the open sometime in the near future.


Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:03 am


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