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Paypal Business Problem

By Steve Glanstein

Used Paypal as a merchant without any problems until recently.

9/3/2004 Provided computer program on CD ROM to a conference attendee (called “MF”). Took credit card number.

9/7/2004 Processed charge…it was approved.

10/19/2004 Received MF’s complaint from Paypal that MF never received the merchandise.

10/19/2004 Immediately responded to Paypal (via the web) and MF via e-mail.

10/21/2004 Attempted to contact MF. (Her e-mail didn’t work). Responded again to Paypal via their web “system.”

10/26/2004 Paypal ignored our explanation and charged us back.

10/26/2004 Sent certified mail, return receipt requested letter of explanation fo Paypal. Sent pdf version to Paypal. It was rejected.

11/1/2004 Received MF’s message and MF’s faxed letter of apology acknowledging receipt of merchandise and that MF’s bank had paid Paypal.

11/8/2004 Received Paypal’s acknowledgement of receipt of “faxed documents” (never faxed).

11/26/2004 Contacted Paypal at their toll-free telephone number, 1-888-221-1161. After waiting on the telephone for about 12 minutes, we spoke with “Julie.” She agreed with our position that we should not be “caught in a crossfire” between MF, the bank charge card company, and Paypal.

11/26/2004 Attempted to send letter four times via facsimile. The telephone was answered, a tone was heard, but the facsimile wouldn’t transmit.

11/26/2004 Sent certified mail, return receipt requested — also indicating no response from Paypal.

11/26/2004 – Summarizing, we have attempted to resolve this matter via:

(a) electronic mail;
(b) the web;
(c) certified mail;
(d) by facsimile; and
(e) by telephone call.

None of these methods have worked.

12/2/2004 – Received e-mail response from Paypal.

This message confirms that we have received the documents you faxed to PayPal.

The documents have been successfully attached to your PayPal Account and will be reviewed shortly.

We review faxed documents in the order in which they are received and generally require 3 to 5 business days to process these documents. Once we process your faxed documents, we will contact you about the status of your PayPal Account.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact us using this link:

12/26/2004 – No followup, only further demands for money from Paypal.

12/27/2004 – Plan to send certified mail, return receipt closing account.

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