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I recently bought a ‘genuine’ Balenciaga bag on eBay. Only it wasn’t. I sent it off to Balenciaga in Paris because the seller wouldn’t give me my money back and I now have a letter confirming it’s a fake. I filed my claim with Paypal within the 45 day period and they then e-mailed me straight away telling me good news – I was due a full refund but that I had to return the bag to the seller by the 9th April. I told them the bag had been sent by Balenciaga Paris to their manufacturers in Italy for a final inspection and I won’t get it back until at least the 9th, but Paypal just ignore this fact and have told me again that if I don’t get the bag to the seller by this date they will cancel the claim and I will be £493 ($900) out of pocket! What a nice company to do business with!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:54 am


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