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PayPal Complaints Process

 By Andy Simon

On the 11th of April I sold an item on ebay. It clearly stated that the item was untested with no returns or refunds given, however, the buyer made a complaint with paypal. Although i put my case to paypal that the item description in ebay clearly stated it was sold as seen with no refunds, they granted the buyer a full refund without my permission. So i complained to paypal on the telephone regarding this and they stated that paypal policy over-rides ebay policy and the refund was given as I was at fault?!?!However, to add a twist to the story, once the item was returned to me (again without my consent) it was clearly damaged and significantly different than the state that it was originally sent out. Any advise on what I can do now? Paypal has no interest, nor does ebay, and i neither have the knowledge or funds to file a lawsuit!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:56 am


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