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PayPal Conversion Scam

By Thomas Francis

Less than a year ago I tried to transfer 1000USD to my japanese bank account and for “reasons unknown” it didn’t go thru a week later only approx. 900 USD was returned to my account. I inquired over and over again but they only replied to half my emails with some BS about the conversion rate of the day I converted the 1000USD to japanese yen then tried to transfer it to my bank account and the day the money was reconverted to USD was different. in less than a week the rate differed 100USD? I argued with them for weeks but it was all in vain.

now they’re trying to do it again, less than a month ago I received a payment in USD converted it into JP yen and transfered it to my bank account but the buyer canceled the transaction so paypal took back the money leaving me with a negative balance of 100USD.

I told them I’m not falling for their conversion scam a second time, that if they don’t return my balance to the amount it was before the last transaction (0$) that I’d change my bank account info and credit card number.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:18 am


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