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PayPal Corporate Scum Bags

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

For no reason they limited my account access:

“Recent account activity has made it necessary for us to collect additional verification information.” – PayPal

I had no disputes with any buyer or bad recent account activity. They would not tell me what the recent account activity was.

They tell me to fax my photo ID to resolve the issue. I send them three faxes with cover sheet and my photo ID. They say they never received them. I know they did, because the fax number was correct and the transmission went through ok.They will not close my account or let me withdraw money out that is rightfully mine. They say I have to fax in the photo ID first. I have done so three times.

Do no use paypal.com! They will pocket your hard earned money.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:15 am


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One thought on “PayPal Corporate Scum Bags
  1. Derek Holmes on

    WOW!!! Pay pal really knows how to chase away sellers. I tried to sign in as well and noticed that they requested that same data. Luckily they received it in one try but they state that there is some discrepancies. Pay pal makes it difficult to do business in general and they lack communication.