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AboutPaypal.org is an Anti-Paypal website created with the sole purpose of exposing the horrors of doing business "The PayPal Way". We are committed to assisting the public in making an informed decision about PayPal.

This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

eBay and PayPal play the blame game while holding my money

Because some buyers have chosen to open a case even after a full refund, PayPal have decided to place a hold on my money until delivery of all my items. PayPal took money from my bank account to refund a … Continue reading

PayPal’s website isn’t working

I am having trouble with a non receipt dispute in my account. It has been escalated to a claim, and PayPal asked seller for tracking # . He did not enter any tracking but wrote “No tracking # , sent … Continue reading

Estimated time of Arrival of my refund keeps changing

I am supposed to be getting a refund From Best Buy through PayPal. My first time to attempt this. Of course everyone already knows the nightmare. When I fist contacted PayPal they told me it would take 3-5 business days. … Continue reading

NSF fees caused by paypal

June 25 bought item on eBay an went to PayPal account to pay for the item. After the order was made the PayPal system said your order I’d placed with a big green check mark. There is supposed to be … Continue reading

PayPal Here is nothing but a PayPal Problem

PayPal is holding 2 transactions for 30 days because I type the customers credit card info instead on using the slider that isn’t compatible with my phone. I need these funds available to operate. . That didn’t matter to there … Continue reading

Paypal withdrawal takes 30 days according to paypal customer support

I made the withdraw on April 28 2014, until May 14 still not receive the money on my account, contacted customer support ( Complete joke) they said it can take up to 30days for the withdraw to complete, if not, … Continue reading

Pay Pals Inability To Perform

If Pay Pal is supposedly a medium for the transferring of money for item or items, purchased by a buyer. This is not what is occurring, Pay Pal thinks it has to sit with our funds in their account while … Continue reading

Getting nowhere with Paypal’s customer service

I recently won a Paypal Dispute against an idiot buyer. I have contacted customer support about the negative feedback she has left me as revenge. It is totally unfair and inaccurate. I could not get anywhere with the idiot at … Continue reading

Avoid PayPal at all cost if you can

I opened a claim regarding a product I purchased that was badly damaged and a fraudulent product. The ad stated it was in perfect condition. I opened the claim and was not given a way to upload pictures. I called … Continue reading

PayPal rep. misinformed me and because if that my account was put on hold

Hi, im having several problems with my ebay and paypal account i am a high seller i sell 80 to 100 items per month and these companies screw me every month….It all started when my invoice was due and i … Continue reading