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PayPal Destroyed My Business On Ebay

By Laurie

I am looking for attornies filing a Class Action Suit Agaist Pay Pal…

I have been a top notch ebay Seller/buyer for over 1yr. I have not had a problem at all, cutomers all are Very Happy and satisfied with my Business, That is now ruined! Then this past Friday, OUT of Know where! Pay Pal has stolen $250.00 from my account and locked up the rest of my account. Which has just destroyed my business on Ebay.

I had used my Pay Pal debit card account for purchases/cash transactions before never a problem. This monies they have stolen from me was approved by Pay Pal 3 months ago..It was a total cash transaction. Now they said a possible fraud credit card was used.. I contacted the individual and here lies the problem.

Months ago they did the same thing to him with charge backs, and he had done thousands and thousands of selling on Ebay. Well it cost him his Business. And he did not nor will pay Pay Pal the fees he owes them. So now anyone that has done business with him..they are going after and stealing money from them..apparently to get there fee money from someone…

That like a lawyer trying to get legal fees from the said parties friends/business acquaintances who ever they had contact with!! SO ..Tell me Is This Legal?

I need help and want to be apart of the Class Action Suit..And I have had many other people email me to knowledge of this happening. Most are scared..And of course there is no other choice on Ebay, than Pay Pal..You could only do checks and money orders..but you lose alot of customers. In the end I wish I did my business that way. I lost the money and All my effort/Time I have put into Ebay.. OH!! another thing I tried to correct my current ads in the description..to let customers know I can’t Take Pay Pal now. And they wouldn’t let me update ad. Which is also corrupt. 6 days to go in auction item ads.

Please email me as to what steps I need to take or if you can add me to Class action Suit against Pay Pal.

Sincerely Upset And Robbed,

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:26 am


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