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PayPal Did Not Cancel My Account

By Michael Kline

I subscribed to a website on 16 September 2004 through PayPal. I was supposed to be able to download images through the subscription. I was unable to do so, so I went onto the PayPal website and cancelled the subscription.

I received a confirmation email from PayPal that my account was cancelled. I then received 2 bogus emails regarding my “paypal account” from an unknown source. I called Paypal, they confirmed the emails were bogus, and deleted my account completely at my request.

On 16 December I received an email from Paypal stating my account was being charged again for the website. I called Paypal, and was told the website owner “re-opened” my account. I asked for a refund, and was told I would have to contact the website, because it was not PayPal’s fault. I was then advised by PayPal to cancel my credit card.

What kind of service is this, and is it legal?

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:39 am


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