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PayPal is discriminating against Canadians

As a Canadian, you can not open a Paypal acct without having a credit card. As well, I just recently started seeing sellers on ebay refusing to do business with anyone registered with Paypal Canada. I initially signed up with papal.com but was given no choice & had to be with papal canada. Paypal recently refused to put thru my payment to a seller as they were not verified. My money was returned. A couple of days later the seller wrote me thanking me for my payment. When I checked Paypal had paid the seller without my permission or even notifying me this transaction was happening. Between Paypal & ebay I am so angry. The only thing they seem good for is discriminating against Canadians. Ism too angry to explain now. Am awaiting a managers call back and I have a feeling I will be sitting here like a fool waiting for a call I will never get.

Posted: February 5, 2014 at 8:23 pm


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