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PayPal Does Not Care

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I opened an account a couple of years ago and in that two years made aprox. two transactions. After looking in my checking account one night I noticed a withdrawal of over $800.00 from my checking account that was not made by me. When I contacted paypal they emailed me an affadavit to fill out and mail back to them. They told me I would not be able to receive my funds until they received it with my signature, it was going to investigations. After doing some investigations myself I found a way to contact the seller of the item that was purchased on ebay. I did email him questioning what in fact was ordered. He thankfully emailed me back stating he contacted PayPal in regards to this transaction that in fact he felt it was fraudulant. He stated the customer service rep seemed disinterested and not quite sure what to do. He stated he would like me contacted about whether or not I was in fact the person ordering this item. Never happened. When I contacted the seller he was very upset that PayPal did not contact me, he knew something was just not right and felt alerting PayPal someone would get in contact with me since it was such a large amount of money. When I in turn contacted PayPal for the second time they stated that the seller never contacted them, which was a lie because the seller forwarded me the email between himself and the PayPal rep. PayPal completely denied ever being contacted. Thankfully the seller never shipped the item because of the situation. When I told PayPal that they said they would need the seller to contact them and let them know that it was ok to return my money. The seller did so which I also have copies of. When I contacted PayPal again they denied ever hearing from the seller again. Another Lie. They basically stated that I would not get the funds back until they received my signed affadavit and they were very nasty with me. I emailed the seller again and he is so upset that he is withdrawing all accounts with them as I am also doing the same once this issue is resolved. If PayPal would have contacted me in the beginning this all could have been avoided. If they can’t take serious the fact that a seller personally calls them and states that something is not right then what do they take serious. That same night at my place of employment in sharing my experience one of my coworkers said the exact same thing happened to him. The same purchase, same amount and same phone call conversations. Stay away from PayPal, whomever did this to us got our user id and passwords on accounts that had not been used in a long time. PayPal does not care and is rude!!!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:05 am


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