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PayPal Fraud

By Shelley

I have been a long time user of paypal. I conducted a prosperous business using paypal to provide my clients with an easy and quick way to pay their invoices. Since October, 23, 2004 paypal has been nothing but a nightmare that has almost ended my business. Paypal started to allow an old client to charge back her credit card over and over and over, at first giving me hope that when I did provide the proof, which i did three times that they would not allow her to make the charge backs. Paypal then ended up charging my paypal account over $9,000 even though I provided the proof that she had received her purchase. Paypal agreed with me that what she was doing was fraudulent but did nothing to stop her from doing it over and over again because they said she used her credit card to make the charge backs. Because of this my business may go under, my clients prefer to pay through paypal and I will no longer accept paypal payments. I have reported this to the paypal fraud department and nothing has been done, they pretty much told me she can keep doing this as many times as she paid through paypal which is at least 100 times. As it stands now my paypal account is minus 6,000 and they want me to pay them to clear it. I dont understand, on one hand they agree telling me send me the proof, I send the proof and they still let my account be charged back ridiculous amounts of money. I report it they tell me yes its fraud, they know I have the proof of purchases but because she is using a credit card to charge it back they will do nothing?????? I need help!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:03 am


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One thought on “PayPal Fraud
  1. Judy on

    Did you ever receive any comments/replies about the paypal credit card chargeback scam? I experience one lately myself – it appears that either the buyer who filed the credit card dispute/chargeback knew from the beginning they could pull the stunt (after they reported an incorrect address to paypal), or it could be an internal scam at paypal. the buyer gave an incorrect address to paypal, paypal incorrectly reported the address as “confirmed” on the paypal website, but then when I told them this, paypal replied “that’s not what we see in our end” (meaning, paypal expected me to beleive that their system was reporting internally to paypal that the buyers address was unconfirmed. Well, if that was true, then the buyer never could have filed a credit card cahrgeback/dispute through her credit card. So it means Paypal has an egregious technical issue with its site, or they are BS’ing me. If they have a serious technical mis-reporting issue, they could be subject to lawsuits by anyone affected by the misreporting of “unconfirmed” address a s”confirmed” to sellers. If the address had been reported to me as “unconfirmed” I never would have sent the package to the buyer in the first place.