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Paypal Froze Account

By Cecily

I used to sell on auction sites quite a bit, and of course, Paypal was the most popular method of payment. A couple of transactions did not go well as the buyers were not satisfied with their merchandise or if they hadn’t received it within what they must have expected to be overnight shipping (although we never offered that but I think for all who have sold, we know how people can be). The customers went through Paypal and filed a complaint instead. Not only did Paypal give me no other option but to refund the buyer ASAP, I never received the merchandise back! How the hell they can offer seller protection is beyond me. Now my account is frozen, no responses from Paypal, and I a not talking about a small sum of money either. I am more than willing to get on the “I hate Paypal” bandwagon with the rest of you.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:45 am


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