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Paypal Froze My Account Because My Husband’s Account Has A Negative Balance

By Julie

Like many of you I logged on to Paypal one day to find out it has been limited. They won’t let me send any money, withdraw any money or unlink any bank accounts but they will let me receive money (isn’t that convenient).

It took three emails like this from Paypal:

“We’re sorry, but your account access limitation cannot be lifted at this time. We need more information about your account before we can restore full access to your account. Please complete the steps below so that we may review your account further:

1. Based on a review of your account and the information received, we show that you have or are related to multiple accounts that have unresolved issues. Before we can lift the limited access on your account, you will need to resolve all outstanding issues with these linked accounts, including bringing any negative balances to zero and resolving all complaints for all linked accounts. The domain names for these accounts are: @yahoo.com and @hotmail.com.” before I was finally able to convince anyone there to actually talk to me about the matter.

They said my account is frozen because my husband has a 2-year old account that is locked with a negative balance. SO WHAT, am I my husbands keeper? The guy kept quoting “community property” over and over again. The really funny thing is that he told me that my husband has 2 other accounts, the locked one and then another one that they actually let him open up after the first one got limited. Idiots, now I am to blame. I wish I had time to sue them, this cannot be legal.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:15 am


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