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Paypal Froze My Account

By Gary Baird

Paypal notified me that a buyer of mine (with 120 feedbacks) had a problem with me and to tell my side of the story (the customer didn’t like the 45 records sent to him and wanted his money back) I refused and told Paypal that the customer was in the wrong and me with almost 4,000 feedbacks and a good record with Paypal (over 1200 transactions and counting) that I found it insulting and didn’t understand why Paypal already took the customers side and deleated 350 dollars from my account.

I finally got through to them and they said..Hey you don’t have to worry or do nothing it’s up to the customer, to prove his case..I said well how’s that? They said oh they have to get someone to verify that the records are bad and email them with the results. Well I got the news today that they agreed with the customer and said they gave him a partial refund and not to worry as the money won’t come out of my account… but I wonder why my account is still frozen??

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:26 am


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One thought on “Paypal Froze My Account
  1. Bel on

    PayPal took £35 from my account and kept it in the acocunt for months. That was after not before I’d had difficulty logging in, which gave rise to my call to them to allow me to log-in. There was no money in the account at the time I was checking transactions made in the past. Not only did they not resolve the logging in problem they took the money and then suspended the account. They had no right to extract money from my account for no reason other than to hold funds whilst suspending the account. This is unlawful. All phone calls and e-mails were unanswered or forced me to send them more identity papers, which I wont’ to to a company based abroad. If I openend my account without this information, why do they need it now? PayPal are hell to deal with and invent problems to keep hold of your money.