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Paypal Has $9,752.59 USD Of My Money!

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

For over 60 days now. Paypal has $9,752.59 USD of my money!

Money in payment for items I have sold on ebay, they have been delivered with tracking numbers. The product is with the customer and paypal will not give me my money! I’ve given paypal tons of info to verify my identity and account info…same stuff everyone else is going though! They continue to say that there is another account linked to mine that money is owed to.

They will NOT verify or send me any info regarding this account. Only to say that I need to pay them approx $300. to clear up this account! What account? They will not say! Simple extortion. They are holding almost $10,000 of my money because they “say” I somehow owe them $300. I even offered to let them keep the $300. and release the rest of my money! Yes cheaper than a lawyer. They won’t do it.

It has gotten crazy..they are just sitting on my money. Now even Ebay has suspended my account due to problems with Paypal! I’ve lost thousands of dollars in business on ebay because paypal and ebay have shut me down for no reason! I don’t know what to do next…all email or fax info seems to get a “form letter response” Do you know a good contingency attorney!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:01 am


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