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Paypal Has Frozen My Account And Taken My Money Several Times

By Wayne Younger

I’m glad I found your site. I found you by accident. While trying to resolve a chargeback as they are requesting me to do I typed in the address that they gave me and was directed to you. I have several issues with Paypal. It first started with some auctions of mine that went to Japan.

There were a few people over there that filed claims stateing that they never received their merchandise. Well there are several ways to ship overseas. There’s Air Mail, EMS “express”, Surface, this is by boat and a few others. Well being new to shipping overseas I would ship things however the customer wanted me to ship. Most would want Air Mail while some want the cheepest way, Surface. Air Mail takes 5 to 10 days to get there and Surface takes up to two months.

Never having any problems in the past with shipping I did what the customer asked. What a big mistake! I had sent packages to Japan Surface making sure that they knew how long it would take to get a package. Well while the packages are out there floating around someplace in the waters that cover 3/4 of our world these people are wanting their packages.

So now they contact Paypal and file fraud or claims against me demanding their money back. Paypal then contacts me and wants me to send proof of shipping, a tracking number. Not knowing the rules of shipping YOU CANT TRACK A PACKAGE THAT IS SHIPPED SURFACE. So I cant show proof. They get granted the chargeback I’m out the money and the merchandise plus get a neg feedback to top it off.

There was one lady who did say she received her package and stopped the chargeback but the money was never returned to me. We talked back and forth many times she didn’t want to repay the money since she paid once and I didn’t blame her. We both got in touch with Paypal about the funds they said that they didn’t have the money that the buyer was refunded. I think they kept it or have it someplace.

At this time they have another chargeback for $417.00. This one is in the investigation status. The buyer wasn’t happy with the product, I dont know why or what was wrong to this day no one has told me. They claim that they never received the item but then claim that they sent it back to me. I never received any package.

They did have a tracking number that says the package was delivered and signd for. But when you go to the USPS site and request a copy of the slip it comes back no signature on file. What’s up with that. I cant even receive money at this time or send money until I bring my bal. up by only transfering funds from my bank account.

They don’t give you any way to explain your side of a story. They only give you the options show proof useing a confirmation number, or show proof that you sent a refund to the buyer, or that you and the buyer have come to an agreement. It seems that the seller is not protected at all.

I’ve lost over $3000 in chargebacks and losses because of the way they do business. I remember a few years ago when Paypal would beg for your business and shut out Bidpay. I wish I would have went with Bidpay now! Thanks for letting me vent.

Wayne Younger

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:55 am


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