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PayPal Has Let My Account Get Hacked

By Mike Niemi

In the last year, PayPal has let my account get hacked, forturnately no money was lost. I had to go to the bank and get a new account opened up.

This last month, the pakistani programmers they hire, have:

1: transferred the same $69 transaction twice from my account.

2: locked or lost my passwords to where i have had to reset my password almost daily.

3: I have filed email problem reports or called the number long distance about 20 times. fewer than 5 emails resulted in a response back. No phone calls were returned at all. they lost my primary account to my savings, then they said they could see it, then not.

4: When they finally did respond, they reset my savings account to the old number instead of the new.

5: They claimed they did not have the fax from my bank manager and a supervisor hung up on me.

If anyone knows the corporate phone number I would like to have it. Paypal hires programmers and Server companies out of this country so they dont have to pay Federal Income tax. These foreign dimwits cant keep their servers either secured nor current.

The charge high fees and lock your account, especially when its your money. All these things can be found out. Paypal and Ebay are ruthless thugs whom have no idea of what they are doing. Every dollar you spend, is one dollar thrown into the wind. They do not make sound business decisions and lie about it.

I am a programmer, and I know better.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:56 am


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