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PayPal Having Me Arrested

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

I was doing business on Ebay. I sold 2 expensive cameras. I mailed them out within 2 weeks. 3 months later, I was told by Paypal that my account was locked. When I tried to contact them, they never bothered to reply. To make a very long story short, 2 months ago a policeman came to my home and accused me of committing fraud, took me to the police station, took my statement and told me I had to reimburse Paypal $13,500. for the 2 cameras and interest fees. I was in shock!!! I am a 56 yr. old. disabled woman/recently diagnosed with cancer. I got scared as the policeman told me if I did not pay them back within 2 weeks, he would prosecute me for fraud. I have never committed any crimes in my entire life nor did I commit this one. However, I got scared and sold my car. I sent the cashiers check to paypal. When they received it, they unlocked my account and credited the money back to me stating that I did not owe them that much, only chargeback fees on the credit cards used to purchase the cameras. I proceeded to transfer the funds back to my account and they locked it up again and sent the policeman back to my house stating that now I have until Tuesday, June 7, 2005 to send them the money AGAIN!!!! The policeman treats me like I’m a common criminal and believes everything PayPal says to him.

I am absolutely scared to death now and I don’t know where to turn. This is just a brief summary of what is going on as there is a whole lot more to it but I cannot tell it all here. Does anyone know a good lawyer that can help me out. Can a person just be arrested without any kind of proof whatsoever. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? The policeman has no evidence that this ever occurred. Where should I turn?

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:01 pm


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