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PayPal Held $3,200 For One Year

By Lauren

I noticed a charge of $1,000 to PayPal on my American Express statement. I called AMEX to tell them that I did not incur this charge. They agreed to remove this charge from my account and initiate an investigation. After a short time, AMEX contacted me and cofirmed that the charge was erroreous and told me that I would not be responsible for the payment. What did PayPal do to me??? They closed my account! I had been selling various items on Ebay in order to finance my college tuition. I had accumulated $3,200 and thought it would be safe to just let it stay there until I needed (so I wouldn’t even be tempted to spend any of it!) I can’t even begin to tell you the problems this caused to my personal finances. But Paypal would not even listen to me when I called or sent them emails explaining the situation. They send so many automated emails—all saying the same thing—and I kept writing to them and explaining everything in explicit detail. American Express even tried to intercede on my behalf. Paypal did absolutely nothing! Hundreds of automated emails and hours of phone calls. All I got was the “run around” and double talk. I was told that the money in my account would be held for a minimum of 6 months before it could be released to me. In desperation, I tried to sign up for “interest” on this money. They refused to allow it! After one year (ONE YEAR!)without any explanation or contact from them at all—I suddenly received a check for the total amount.

They had the use of my $3,200 for one whole year—and I had to drop out of college for one semester because I didn’t have any money for the tuition. Thanks PayPal! I wish I could sue you for all the aggravation you caused me—and obviously lots of other people!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:08 am


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