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Paypal Hides Behind Their Policies And Protects Frauders

By Josh

I have had 2 of the most frustrating experiences with Paypal, once as a buyer and the second as a seller. Paypal was ABSOLUTELY HORRID to me on both ends of my eBay transactions.

As a buyer:

In August of 2004, I made a $130 purchase on eBay. I chose to pay via my Paypal account. Before I knew it, 2 weeks had gone by and I hadn’t heard a word from the seller. I immediately filed a claim with Paypal, indicating that I had never received my item. Following a long period of “Paypal investigation” I finally get an email from them saying, “Paypal has investigated this claim, and find that the seller is at fault. Unfortunately, the seller’s Paypal account is empty, so Paypal will only be able to reimburse the buyer when the seller inputs more money into their Paypal account.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Paypal has access to their bank account, but won’t extract my $130 in his account that he stole from me to reimburse me!!??? AND THEN, when I called Paypal and demanded information on the guy that ripped me off, THEY WOULDN’T EVEN GIVE ME HIS ADDRESS OR PHONE INFORMATION! They were PROTECTING THE FRAUDER and said that they will only give out his information with a subpeona! HOW CAN I SUE SOMEONE IF I DON’T HAVE THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION?

“Sorry, thats Paypal’s policy,” I was told. Rediculous.

As a seller:

Just one month ago, in February of 2005, I sold an item of mine for $60. I should have stopped using Paypal as a result of the last incident, but out of convenience, I decided to offer it as payment for my auction. At no time of my using Paypal over the 3 years that I used it did I ever see a policy that required a seller to disclose a tracking number with a product sold on eBay with payment made through Paypal. I KNOW I have paid for items in the past with paypal and haven’t gotten a tracking number numerous times. When I went to the post office that day to ship the item I had sold, the only carrier that was still scheduled to go out that that was Priority mail, who I was told, does not offer tracking numbers. Out of CONVENIENCE for the buyer, I opted to send the package priority mail, so it could get to him a day sooner, rather than go with UPS, and make him wait an extra day. The next day the buyer emails me, asking for a tracking number. I told him that I shipped the package yesterday via priority and they do not offer tracking numbers, but it will get to him a day sooner. He then files a Paypal claim against me since I did not indicate a tracking number! Paypal gave me 3 options to resolve this case: 1.) give him a refund 2.) give him a tracking number 3.) Indicate that I have already given him a refund. I certainly hadn’t given him a refund, and wasn’t ABOUT to give him one after I had ALREADY sent the package. The next thing I know, Paypal sends me an email saying that they have finished their ‘investigation’ and the buyer was to be fully refunded. FULLY REFUNDED. He already HAS my product. I even received emails from him that SAID he HAD received it, but Paypal, lo and behold, won’t accept emails. Paypal then charged the refund to my account and has frozen it until I pay off the balance. YEA RIGHT. I have called Paypal numerous times, and have even had representatives who hear my situation say, “Yea, I completely understand your frustration, you should appeal this decision to try and get the charge taken off.” I appealed, but their only response was the same esponse they gave me everytime: “Sorry, our policy is to give a tracking number. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

In both cases, I was the victim of fraud, but because of the way Paypal structures their policies, I was completely unprotected, and Paypal even went so far as to PROTECT THE PERSONS THAT WERE DEFRAUDING ME! They absolutely hide behind their policies so they can take advantage of the people who are getting illegaly taken advantage of.

I will NEVER EVER even touch Paypal again as long as I live, and I will adamantly dissuade anyone I can from using Paypal.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:42 am


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