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PayPal is holding funds for my best friend’s burial

Paypal is the worst….My best friend just passed away and her brother sent me money to take care of the arrangements….They now refuse to put that money on my debit card…I now need to show photo ID with the address on my debit card…Correct address….I just moved to California in August from Florida and I have my Florida DL…..I will not be staying in California and do not want to change my ID at this time…..WHY,would I do that….So now they want a copy of my ID with the address on my direct deposit…That address is temporary…Funny 1,000 in my Paypal account and now they want this…Its my money to bury my friend….But paypal is holding it hostage…If I can not get this money released my friend will be cremated and put in a mass grave….Please help I love my friend and need to make sure what her family wants is done….I am so stressed I can’t sleep I can’t eat…I may have a law suit here I do not know but if I do I will destroy these people…And could use the help….

Posted: March 25, 2014 at 6:34 pm


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One thought on “PayPal is holding funds for my best friend’s burial
  1. Turbo on

    To be honest when Paypal have your money they generally don’t let it go easily.

    What I would say is go to a news paper. This is the kind of story they will love and there is a good chance GayPal will release the funds to avoid bad publicity.

    I hope this helps.