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PayPal Is Holding $2,000 Of My Money

By Dan

Seems I’m not alone. I’m a freelance writer and I was doing advertising for a major U.S. media company. They had an invoice to pay and asked if I accepted credit cards just to make the process easier. So I checked on PayPal’s site and setup an account. Seemed easy enough. After all, I was only planning to do this one time, what could go wrong?

Well, they can make up stories about “suspicious account activity” and keep MY money tied up — if I can even get it at all. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone with them trying to “verify my location” with answers to questions that were never asked when I set up the account. They had no “suspicious activity” showing up when the $2,000 was transferred to the. “Suspicious activity” only came into play because I wanted MY money transferred to my bank.

Now, in order to obtain MY money because of said “suspicious activity”, they have my social security number, credit check information, business and personal information. Information even my regular bank has never asked for in over a decade of doing business with them. And I still don’t have MY money from PayPal. This is the fourth time they’ve said the transfer is underway, and I’m expecting it will be the fourth time they deny it for reasons that are outrageous, inexplicable, and absolutely fraudulent.

I understand when a legitimate business wants to verify my identity, and I appreciate it. Yet PayPal seems to want to force me in for DNA testing. The only reason I feel I need to protect my identity is to keep PayPal from scamming me. I have seen nothing that makes me believe PayPal is a legititmate business. Especially now that I see my experience is far from uncommon.

A word of advice if anyone runs across my letter as they are considering opening a PayPal account: DO NOT DO IT! Find another means of moving money. Even if a setup fee with a different merchant is involved, even if it seems expensive, you could likely be money way ahead if you consider that PayPal can take thousands of dollars from you and offer you no recourse whatsoever. I’ve been stonewalled in my discussions with them.

I am not a violent person. But if I could get my hands around the neck of PayPal’s CEO I would gladly let them have MY $2,000, no further questions asked.

Good luck.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:01 am


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