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PayPal Is Not Our Friend

By Sandy

Today is February 22nd 2005. I write that in this message so anyone who reads this will know that problems with Pay Pal still exist and they are doing very little to protect us, both buyers and sellers.

This past Monday I went on Ebay to purchase a gift for my daughter. Because her birthday is fast approaching I decided to use Buy It Now and Pay thru my Pay Pal account. Only when I did that did I find out that my account was placed on limited access. I did not even know what that meant and was shocked to find that there was a Claim against my account for $1500! The other victim in this case contacted Pay Pal on February 6 saying that she did not buy anything and yet money was wisked from her account. Pay Pal in turn started a process of investigating her claim and sending emails to me. I had to February 16th to respond to the charges, but because my email password was also stolen I never received the emails in question. So by the time I find out on February 22, as far as Pay Pal was concerned I was admitted my guilt.

I called Pay Pal and was informed that someone had accessed my account and added another bank account. This is where her money was send and immediately withdrawn. The bank account is located in Atlantic City and I reside in Ohio. The first lady I talked to was sympathic and kind and told me to change my password and secret question immediately and that she would send me an Affidavit to fill out and mail to Pay Pals Fraud Department. And she said that if I did not get the email that they may have got into my email also. Well I did not get that email and called Pay Pal the next day to let them know that I needed the Affidavit.

This lady was mean, practically accused me of being a thief and said I should have answered all the emails they sent. Excuse me but the crooks put Pay Pal on my blocked senders list too! I got off the phone in tears, feeling very violated and stressed. I did eventually get the Affidavit which I filled out today and sent by Certified Mail. Pay Pal is not our friend. They do not protect us or care if we are frauded. All they care about is making money, however they can. So far I am not out any money because there was no money in my Pay Pal account. But I do not trust them and have closed my credit cards accounts. I also will contact my bank so Pay Pal does not have access any longer. The other lady in this crime is out a great deal of money. Will Pay Pal make good on it? Don;t bet your life.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:38 am


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