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PayPal Is Not “Safe and Secure”

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Earlier this summer I placed a laptop for sale on eBay. The winning bidder paid via PayPal, and was a “verified” member. They wanted me to ship the item to an address that wasn’t verified. Knowing the processes that a customer goes through to become verified, I had no problem in filling the customer’s request. Seven weeks later, I receive an email that the PayPal member had the charges reversed due to fraudulent use.

Some 3rd party was able to gain access to his account and make this fraudulent purchase from me. His credit card company, and NOT PayPal protected him, and he received his money back. My PayPal account was now at a negative $1400.00. Not completely reading and understanding all of the policies spelled out, and nowhere present when the invoice appears where the buyer sends the ship to address is the “ineligible” word that protects PayPal, and costs me $1400.00.

The two PayPal rep’s that I was able to speak with both had indicated in great detail how a criminal could easily set up fraudulent accounts, and gain access to honest member’s accounts through “fishing” emails. I feel that it is criminally negligent of PayPal to allow a transaction to occur, and the money should stay in escrow until the item reaches the verified member’s address.

The crime could never have occurred if this were the case. By my conversation with two PayPal representatives, I now know that PayPal is not safe and secure. Very scary.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:13 am


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8 thoughts on “PayPal Is Not “Safe and Secure”
  1. Loy Arrington Jr on

    It was not Paypal that was the problem. You never ever ever send a product to any address that is not the buyer’s registered Paypal address. If the “buyer” requests you to send it to a different address, tell them you can not. Period. That is what you did, and that is why what happened to you happened.

  2. giselle on

    PAYPAL IS NOT SECURE! I have been battling with security breaches since 2005! I just now found out about all these breaches because I had to reactivate my old PAYPAL account which I abandoned since the first time I discovered my account was breached in 2006 while I was going to school overseas. My PAYPAL account was linked to a bank account that was linked to a joint account. The thieves actually transferred money from the joint checking into my individual checked then tried to siphon that money into their account through PAYPAL. Since abandoning PAYPAL I now see a ton of transactions that are unauthorized. It is absurd and totally ridiculous and all PAYPAL can say is well the consumer needs to protect themselves. And that there is nothing they can do about it! OMG! For real???!!!! PAYPAL seriously needs to be reported to consumers protections or better business bureau!!! Or people need to stop trusting them. Their financial information is NOT AT ALL SECURE WITH PAYPAL as they advertise them to be! People should prefer to send money order when buying on EBAY than through PAYPAL! It is the most secure way of paying remotely!

  3. Mark baker on

    I was also treated very badly by PayPal.
    Someone hacked into my PayPal account and someone call dee open from Surrey don’t even know this person.
    Took 439.98 out off my account.
    How can they say they are safe

  4. winfred on

    PayPal is awesome. I do not know who wrote these bad things but this web site should be put down. I am sure you are not going to publish this because you are pigs and cowards. Yes, they do have faults as all young companies do. But don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

  5. Ian Jackson on

    I had 3 suspicious aqmounts on my credit card. I complained to my credit card company and they told me they were from Paypal and that it was me that encurred those expenses. They were for rather expensive advertisements rather than anything delivered to an address. I persisted and the credit card refunded me, I dont know the story, but I immediately cancelled my paypal account.

  6. Talidu on

    in all honesty. paypal IS not safe… not only has it been breached but they also offer you NO warranty at all if for example someone sends you faulty hardware… there is no chance for refund or anything else… they really are ripping of everyone. the whole system is a scam but i think someone is making a lot of money with it apart from the ordinary business… i wouldnt be surprised if some bosses where behind the security breaches or whatever… these people are just thieves

  7. Paul on

    Paypal is NOT safe. My roommate just had a charge made via a hacked PayPal account and PayPal did nothing about it. The linked checking account was automatically debited the fraudulent amount. She had no money to get gas, etc.. Had to work with her bank to get a refund. PayPal took something like 2 weeks to “research” the issue. Never got any explanation as to how her account was hacked. Never given an apology. As I said to her, the whole point of using a third party like PayPal is your account is supposed to be secure! What the hell is the point in using them if it is not?! Screw PayPal. Based on her experience, I will be closing my account with them. The only reason I have not rushed to do it is it’s linked to a closed checking account.

  8. Jed on

    Its always the same. You get people who love paypal … then they get ripped off and they are here screaming bloody murder and exaggerating to the point no takes them serious and on and on this scheme goes.

    Paypal is obviously not a bank. They are not regulated like a bank. When fraud happens credit cards take the money and paypal is left holding the bag. Now, Paypal can either eat that bag or pass it on. Gee what would YOU do? Honestly. Now Paypal isn’t even as honest as most people so they pass the bag and then some. It will happen to you one day.

    Paypal and all other financial frauds exist because of people. People make bad choices and people in reality don’t care who gets burned until its them who are holding the burning stick.