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PayPal Late Fees

By Terry Soderman

I had a payment due for $20.00 on June 4th 2005. I went on line to make my payment on June 3rd 2005 and it said I couldn’t make a payment for 2 days later. WHY?

This is clearly a rip-off tactic to collect $25.00 late fees. I called them and they said I could make a payment on the phone but it would cost me $10.00. WHY? I’m making my payment 1 day before the due date. Both of their options are designed to rob you.

A $25.00 or $10.00 fee to pay $20.00 on time is a rip-off tactic. I have many other account that accept the payment at the time I pay, they could too. There is no excuse for these tactics but greed.

I will report this to the Attorney General. If it is not illegal it is at minumim, evil. If you have a similar problem with paypal buyer credit please report it also.


Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:01 pm


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3 thoughts on “PayPal Late Fees
  1. Tov Hope on

    Report away. I would tell you to contact their support center but I’m sure you already know that their customer service is nothing but a joke. A barral of monkeys is running that company.

  2. Afonso Tony on

    PayPal customer service is the worse I have seen. As a business person, who deals with clients on a daily basis, knows that sometimes you have to waive a few things here and there to not lose the customer. This shows that all they do is care about themselves and no one else. I have a great treatment with my merchant account. Every time I need something they are willing to help me out every when they can. http://www.merchantinc.com a company that cares about your issues.

  3. Elliott Lindsey on

    Just recieved a statement from paypal. I was 3 days late with my payment of 31.25. Take a guess on what the late fees was? 31.25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!