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PayPal limitations are out of control

I called PayPal to ask them on whether a payment had gone through as the payment was reversed.

While i sorted out the problem and was on the phone to PayPal my mother in law wanted to ask about her account and why it had been limited.
She spoke to a lady in limitations called Brenda. Brenda was talking in a sarcastic tone and said you don’t know why your PayPal is limited? She then said to my mother in law that her account can not be appealed against. She asked why is her account limited again. She then said her account was linked to another that had been selling eBooks. – This was because my sister in law had been selling ebooks on ebay that she didn’t know was not allowed (she has money in her account for over a year that she can’t get out!). Therefore they had automatically limited my mother in laws account because it was at the same address.

She then tried to appeal against this but Brenda said “There is nothing you can do. You can never use PayPal again”. She then said she wanted to then remove her card and bank details from PayPal as Brenda said she could no longer use her account at all – so what is the point of them keeping her details? She wanted to remove ALL her details because she had been receiving fake PayPal emails prompting her to enter her username and password – and if she fell for it they would have access to her account. Therefore she did not want PayPal to have her information any longer. Brenda said they can not remove her details and my mother in law said there must be something in the Data Protection Act about that.

Brenda did not talk for a while.. she then said “I’ve found your other account… I am just going to limit that too.” I then received an email from PayPal saying that my account is LIMITED. She then asked Brenda why did you limit my daughter in laws account? Is it because she has the same last name as me? Is it because we were using the same phone to ask about our accounts? Brenda did not speak or respond. I then took the phone and asked her why she had limited my account when we do not use/share the same bank cards or anything the same. She then said “Oh” and she did not speak after that. I repeatedly asked her why she had limited my account and if she can remove the limitation. She did not speak. I then asked if there was someone else of higher authority she could put us through to. She then said no there isn’t. I asked isn’t there any managers i can speak to? She said “all of the managers are on lunch 1-2pm” (a blatant lie!) I said everyone can’t be on lunch break at the same time, she said yes they are…. I said “I want to remove this limitation because you have limited my account for no reason whatsoever!”. She then did not respond. I stayed on the phone trying to get her to talk but she said nothing for over 5 minutes. – She wanted us to get off the line.

I called up PayPal again and told them what had happened and they apologized for Brenda putting the phone down on us. She said the managers actually are not on break so she did in fact lie. They said for me to remove my limitation i have to send them my passport and bank details! More information!

It seems like out of pure Spite she limited my account. Now PayPal wants more information about me that they can keep on their file forever because if they do not remove the limitation then I also will not be able to remove my information from PayPal.

Posted: September 3, 2015 at 8:00 pm


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