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PayPal Limited Access To My Account

By Estelle

While visiting my mother in law who was in the hospital with a triple bacterial infection and had undergone emergency surgery 4 days in a row, I went to my Paypal account. The night that I checked it had a balance of $ 241.03 the next day when I went to withdraw funds it came up “limited access” please contact Paypal.

After numerous calls and the frustration of automatic responses I gave up. I waited until I returned home to try and find out what went wrong. I had to borrow money from family to get home as I could not get my own money. Once again after long waits and auto responses I was able to talk with someone.

I was told thet the account was frozen because my hausband had an account previously and that a “flag” was raised because of the same phone number and this would likely be resolved after review. It is still un-resolved. How can they do this ? I needed that money for an emergency and did’nt have access.

My husbands account was put through bankruptcy last year and finalized last March(2004) yet they stated they had no record of it. To do something like this is wrong, and I wish I could file a class action law suit to prevent this from happening to anyone. If anyone else has had this happen it should be posted here.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:59 am


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One thought on “PayPal Limited Access To My Account
  1. David Mabey on

    cannot access acct. told to go to “resolution” screen but cannot find it. account “limited” don’t know why.