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Paypal Limited Account Access

By Joesphine

Hi There Fellow Paypal Bitten Friends,

This is truly a blessing that I found this website. I thought I was the only one who got stung by Paypal. I had been using Paypal for a few weeks by setting up a personal account (note: this account does not require bank/credit information). I logged in to my email on Jan 05,2005 and received a very rude email “Appeal for Limited Account Denied”. After logging on to my PayPal account, I find that my account has limited access. I can keep on receiving funds! LOL. But can’t withdraw them. What was really amusing was the fact that Paypal can keep on earning interest for 180 days thats 6 months before they even consider releasing my funds. They want to earn money on my money? They want my Bank and Credit Card information…yeah right….they think I am a sucker?! With thousand of spool emails and recently Paypal system having troubles with the upgrade, how safe will this information be? After reading the many stories on this god gifted website, I will also be contacting BBB. They should know about this shady business of Paypal. Whats more bizzare- the funds that are frozen are 10.15 USD. Where was Paypal’s fraud system when thousand of dollars are swoofed from the Paypal user’s account without them knowing?

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:11 am


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One thought on “Paypal Limited Account Access
  1. Steve Jordan on

    PayPal permanently blocked me after I reached power seller status on EBay. And they will not reverse don’t understand tried to get them to reverse they will not.

    Really frustrated with them any help would be appreciated