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PayPal Limited Account – No Reason Given

By Charlie

On December 15, 2004, I logged on to my PayPal account only to find that the account was designated as “limited”. The text said that PayPal needed more information in order to reinstate my account. I’ve had a PayPal account since 2000 — over four years total. I’ve done more than 2750 transactions with PayPal. The total dollar amount is nearly $100,000.00 (and that is NO exaggeration). Why would they all of a suddent need more information from me?!

As it turns out, they decided to close my account, but have not — to this day — given me ANY explanation for closing my account.

One of the worst insults is that under a limited account, they still invite the owner to add PayPal icons to their eBay auctions — though you can’t send, request or receive money. Free advertising for them and NADA for us.

The absolute worst part is that they tied up several hundred dollars of my money, and still won’t give me a solid reason for why they closed my account. After several emails raising Cain with them, I was told that I needed to clear up some outstanding complaints from buyers. NONE of those complaints were open, yet they expected me to know about them. Anyway, I promptly gave refunds to the three outstanding complaints.

After several more furious emails demanding reinstatement — since I had followed their outline for reinstatement — and I was told me account is permanently closed. Still, no stated reason. Just closed — permanently.

Screw ‘em! Who needs ‘em anyway?!? I did business for years without having a PayPal account and I’ll be doing business years from now — without a PayPal account.

My advice to newbies thinking of joining PayPal – DON’T!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:36 am


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One thought on “PayPal Limited Account – No Reason Given
  1. Tim on

    Paypal can close your account at any time for any reason that is the risk you take when using their “service” And what happened to me was that they held all the money I had in my paypal account for 6 months!! What is a bank tried something like that? I don’t think they would be in business for long.