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PayPal Limited My Account

By Rolando

ok one day paypal deside to limit my account.. definition of limit.. i can send money to it of course but i cant take out any. Why?

Here is the email that they send me

Dear Rolando

We regret to advise you that PayPal has determined to close your account. The following notice explains the reason for closure and the process for disbursing any remaining balance.

As part of our account review, a consumer credit report was obtained from the credit reporting agency identified below. The results of the report contributed to the decision for account closure.

….i was like oh sh*t, i use my paypal accout as my main buisness account, so there going to steal my money for having bad credit the worse part about it ive had my paypal account for over 3 years.

I try calling them to see if it was a mistake, and they said i owe them $2.83. i have $151 dollars in my account, soo how in the hell do i owe them the money, i meen, oh im mad what im going to do is just refund eveyones money .. ( total of $2000) in the past month and keep the crap, see how they like it.. FIGHT THE POWER!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:41 am


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