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Paypal Lockdown

By Patricia

Paypal just asked me for my credit card information again because I had less than one dollar in my Paypal account. Then kicked me off Ebay entirely. Most important, I will never use the Paypal account. I tried it. I put all my money from a separate checking account that I just opened for Paypal into their on account, paid for three items and then they hit my checking account, instead of debiting out the Paypal account. I was charged an overdraft fee of $90 which Paypal will not respond to at all why they did this. This constance request of wanting my credit information and saying they cannot access it is ridiculous. I never changed anything on the account. Now, I my Ebay account has been totally suspended by Paypal/Ebay. But the funny thing I just went to last person I bought from 3 days ago and paid them through Paypal through their item on Ebay’s Website. Interesting…I was not shut out that way. This will be the last time I use Paypal ever. I would suggest you listen to the warnings. You have no government legislation on this type of computer sites yet! I know. I have checked into it with the NC Attorney General’s office to file a complaint. You are at their mercy and they do steal when they want to. I was a victum also with no recourse!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:11 am


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