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PayPal and North Korea have a lot in common

PayPal is running their website the same way a police state country would!! North Korea comes to mind. to start with I’ve had my account frozen for “too many purchases (with my own money) in a single day” I then had to call and ask permission to again spend MY MONEY! A few months ago I had $200 taken out of my BANK account because an ebayer claimed he never got the package even though I had tracking to prove other wise, they still sided with “the buyer” and stole my money. and in a way, my item too! and last but not least yesterday I got an email telling me My account is suspended because “in a recent audit they have found me in violation of the paypal user agreement” they had sent me a link to an auction I had up for not even a day on gunbroker. How the heck do they even know I put up an auction?? I haven’t sold anything on that site for 11 months ya almost a year! “and do to a recent audit of my activity” They demand I take down my auction on gunbroker which isn’t even their website, Who do they think they are? I AM SOOOO DONE WITH PAYPAL!!!!! they should have gone down with the nazis O AND LETS NOT FORGET I NEVER EVER HAVE GOT A PERSON WHO CAN SPEAK OR UNDERSTAND FLUENT ENGLISH

Posted: January 30, 2014 at 7:35 pm


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