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PayPal Phishing Scam

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous


Last week I received this job offer and I fell for it. After exchanging a few emails in regards to this being legal. I asked the guy to send me his company info to make sure everything is legal.

I got two payments in to my paypal account and transfered the money into my bank account(before I even knew I was scammed).

Everything looked fine until I checked the website and found out all the info he gave me was false. Nothing matched.

I informed paypal tried to stop the transfer, but only got an automated email them saying they apologize for me getting a spam email and they will investigate the issue.

I got the advice to close my email accounts and also my paypal account which I did. Was that the right thing to do? Is there anything else I can do to protect myself?

And here’s the email I got:

Our company Tera-desing ( Tera-desing.org ) for a long time is occupied with the development and sales of different programs, websites and various web-applications. In the past we mainly collaborated with different companies, but now we’ve got a lot of clients from usual people and most of them want to pay for our services with the help of the site (Link: www.paypal.com,)www.paypal.com, but our company is situated in Ukraine and we can’t open an account for accepting money in paypal.com.

We tried to make it for several times but paypal.com hasn’t permitted us to open an account, cause they don’t work with the eastern Europe countries. Now we’ve decided to find a person from one of the coutnries with which paypal does work. If you can open an account in paypal.com – we can offer you 20% from the money turnover on your paypal account. You shouldn’t do almost anything, you will be receiving money to your paypal account, will be leaving 20% from the sum to yourself for your services and the rest you should send us through the we stern union money transfers ( (Link: www.westernunion.com)www.westernunion.com). Of course we will completely pay for western union commisin fee.

For example you’ve received $400 to your paypal account, paypal commision we be about $20, you should subtract 20% from the rest $380 – $76 and the rst $304  you should send us through the western union money transferring system, you should pay about $24 for the western union services and we will receive about $280.  For this easy work we ready to pay you 20% from the total sum of money, which you will be receiving to your paypal account. Unfortunately we forced to loose so much money, cause a number of clients, which wish to pay through paypal is  constantly increases.

I’m waiting for your reply impatiently.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:52 am


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