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PayPal Refunded The Customer

By David

Customer would not sign for the package at the post office. complained it took so long when there was multiple notices left for him to pick item up. I told the customer I would refund all but shipping when I received the product back unopened. Paypal decided to refund him the full amount shipping and all. As soon as post office returned item.

Contacted paypal telling them I have not received the package back and it is not fair to refund the shipping back to the customer.

3 days later they respond stating you got your package back. and your not out any money.

My responce was No I have not got my package back yet. And yes no matter what I am out money. shipping is not free. Customer requested shipping a certain way and I shipped that way. There is time and money involved. and I am willing to refund him all but the exact shipping. few days later I received the package.

and all they had to say was im not out any money. since I received my package back.

Hello we need to find a more reliable company to accept money and send money thru then Paypal.

They do not communicate with seller or buyer and find out if we came to a agreement.

So I stopped using paypal and ebay totally. if they dont care about our rights why should we use them. I have a account I use on there to contact sellers and make a offer off of ebay. and I will pay COD or money order or credit card thru another source then paypal.

Much better then losing money to paypal ebay.

they get money nomatter what. I owe ebay 2 dollars at the moment and told them to close my account I wont pay until paypal bay pays me for my losses.

Might be only 15 dollars. but still its the point of it.

PayPal Ebay sucks. They took the market for the internet and they own your information. They can take money from you when ever they wish.

I highly Recomend finding an alternative method.

Yet I still have not received item. 1 week later after customer was refunded the item was in my mailbox.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:31 am


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