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PayPal Robbed Me

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I opened a paypal account last year and completed all the registration including adding a card and bank account. Brought a few things off ebay and it was fine.

The problems came when i sold something. Sold a laptop for £700 and got payed by ebay. fair enough. but then a few weeks later i logged into paypal and to my horror i had -£40! and a message saying ur account is limited due to wierd behaviour. i contacted them and they said i had to confirm the transactions by faxing a sales reciept of what i had sold aswell as some other things.

I could do the other things they asked and the person i sold the laptop to even confirmed it! but i couldn’t fax a reciept cuz didn’t have one and havn’t got access to a fax machine. I did contact them loads of times but always got the same answer saying please fax us he information required.

Now a few months down the line paypal has locked my account and blacklisted my card and bank account on paypal. I also have a debt collection agency after me to pay paypal the £40.

Paypal took £740 off me! and the £700 was never returned to the person who brought the laptop. I have been cheated out of my money by a rotten company!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 8:44 am


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One thought on “PayPal Robbed Me
  1. Robbie on

    I got robbed when I used Paypal to pay for a Southwest Flight. I was using my Smartphone tethered to my Laptop at the time for internet access. I bought a ticket for $275, chose Paypal as my method of payment. The internet connection was slow and “froze”. I had to reconnect.
    Sure enough! The payment went through, Paypal showed – $275 withdrawn from my account. Yet, Southwest had NO RECORD of the Transaction and had no eTicket for me. Days and DAYS and DAYS! No luck getting resolution. I got the run-around from Paypal. They double-talked like you can’t believe and said “Well, if you look you will see that we deducted $275 but it will reflect refunds and non-payments and so it is all set.”
    I tried Southwest, but they had no record of the transaction. it was on Paypal’s Side. Evidently, the payment posted but did not complete due to the bad internet connection.
    After weeks I gave up. I never did get my money back. I had to buy the ticket AGAIN, so a $275 ticket ended up costing me $550.00

    I’ll NEVER use Paypal again to pay online for anything. I have it for eBay, but really don’t use ebay any longer so it is time to go. They ripped me off bad.