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PayPal Ruined The Business

By Michelle Lewis

I opened a paypal account recently and started excepting payments thru paypal . paypal froze my account when it had $891.40 from all the buyers who just won auctions from me,this is including there shipping money. paypal is now emailing me stating that unless i give them all my suppliers phone numbers and original bills of sale of all my items i sold on ebay they will not unfreeze-or refund any money to me or my customers.

What should i do?

I cant ship all 50 items because paypal has the money for the items and the shipping money that all my customers sent to me to ship the items. what a nightmare, its been 19 days since my customers paid for there items and it has been 18 days since paypal froze my account. its like they waited till almost a thousand dollars was in the account and then they made up some rule about proving my suppliers phone numbers and addresses.

I read that paypal pools all there customers money to a fdic insured bank account and gain interest on it everyday!!!

Am i being scammed by paypal and will i ever recover from such a big blow to my business!!

ebay has 420,000 people who make a living selling items on ebay and paypal is like a vulture waiting for the suckers to come to the site so they can scam everyone for there hard earned money!!!

Why would ebay have anything to do with such a crooked company from silicone valley!!!

i wish we all could file one big class action lawsuit against paypal and get them off the internet forever!!!

I  will never trust another online payment service again! Paypal has ruined the whole ebay expeirence for me and thousands like me!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 8:50 am


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