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Paypal Scammed Me

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Message Two years ago I sold some golf clubs to a guy who had me ship them to a different address than what his paypal account was set up with. I sent the clubs like he had asked he email me numerous times wondering where they were. He notifies paypal that he hasn’t received his clubs so paypal takes my paypal account to $-650. I talk to the guy a week later and come to find out the clubs were at the post office the whole time. Anyways you see where this is going I never got my money back the guy told them he received the clubs and all. This past month I bought a Snap On impact wrench from a guy for a $120 the guy never sends it I notify paypal and they go into investigation and I got $4 back gee thanks. I have tried to contact paypal and everything no luck.

Stay away from these crooks.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:12 am


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One thought on “Paypal Scammed Me
  1. tommcdaniel on

    I made a purchase using paypal//bill me later credit
    after i committed to buy then they said oops thats a high risk we will just take it out of your checking instead
    If you sell something they hold your money interest free for up to 30 days IT’S JUST ANOTHER BANK SCAM