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PayPal selling account restricted indefinitely

My ebay selling account was restricted indefinitely cause I bought some 14k gold rings from china and they were marked 14k but not 14k gold…I took them to jewelry store and got statement for ebay…I faxed it in wanting a refund..well they told me I had to send them back to china in order to get a refund even though I told them that these rings were against the law for me to put back in mail…they did not listen even one of ebays managers wouldn’t listen…so I went over their head to prove them wrong I contacted gov internet fraud customs ect ect then I took rings to sheriffs office and made a report…faxed it to ebay…and a call was made on my behalf and I was issued a refund for 7 rings…needless to say it made ebay pissed cause the next thing I knew someone made a complaint on me of some silver I sold…I told ebay that’s bogus they’re marked silver and they replied well we both know something can be marked real and it not be real..and they restricted my PayPal selling account indefinitely.

Posted: May 14, 2012 at 3:29 pm


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2 thoughts on “PayPal selling account restricted indefinitely
  1. Kim Teller on

    eBay and Paypal are such bullies. Here you do the right thing and follow their rules and they get pissed. That is just BS. Had you sent back the rings to China you would have been out the shipping, the cost of the rings (because lets face it, you would not have gotten a refund) and the seller would have resold the fake gold rings to someone else. I stopped selling on eBay because they just interfere in everything you do.

  2. Sherry on

    Nothing with paypal surprises me anymore. You got screwed by a seller and gave it to paypal and they restrict your account. That was their way of getting back at you. I got tired of paypal a while ago and did some research and found a company that is way better and cheaper then paypal. http://www.merchantinc.com