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PayPal Simply Robbed Me

By Tobias Cunningham

I haven’t been a registered eBay user that long but have been with PayPal for about a year and a half but didn’t actually add a bank account to my PayPal account until just over a month ago.

I started buying various bargains on eBay and everything was going fine, I bought 20 items and had 100% positive feedback.

But this morning I logged on to Digital Banking to find £70 taken from my account labelled only as “Charges”. When I checked my full online statement it said “PAYPAL UNPAID ITEMS CHARGES” and listed two items which I had already confirmed payment for through eCheque and were pending.

I contacted PayPal immediately but as of yet no reply. No surprise there then! I have been on this site before and been shocked at what I have read but yet again somebody else has fell foul of the “It won’t happen to me” attitude and I quite simply never thought it would be me.

I have paid for these items legitimately but PayPal has the cheek to just STEAL £70 of my birthday money (my birthday is on 24th May in case you’re wondering and I turned 18 then) for no reason whatsoever.

I need people behind me on this one. It’s time to take a stand. All of us. Together. Don’t just keep posting your stories on here, post your stories and then take a stand. We could be an unofficial PayPal union!

I’m really upset though, that money was from my dying auntie in Ireland. I can’t believe PayPal have done this!!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:55 am


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