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PayPal Steals Your Money

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I sold some items on ebay and every one paid via PayPal. Paypal instructed me to ship so I shipped all items on a Saturday. On Sunday PayPal reverse the money and put a limit on my account of $1,384.00. Then they emailed me to send in my whole life histroy to verify I’m who I say I am. Now all the winners of my auction have received their item and gave me positive feedback. So what the f**k do PayPal have to do about my money. They are drawing interest on all of our money. Is their some lawsuit that we all can file against these bum’s. It’s been over 2 1/2 months that they have kept my money.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:40 am


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5 thoughts on “PayPal Steals Your Money
  1. Dawn Williams on

    Pay pall has kept my money as well. Its sad what wealthy people do to steal the money from the little guys. (to create their wellthy empire) I suggest that you not use paypal. I never will again.

  2. Dawn Williams on

    The exzact same thing happend to me though Ebay/Pay pal. These pay pal bum’s are getting rich off of us. I would also know if there is some type of lawsuit that can be done aginst paypal? If so email me at: dawnwilliams7773@gmail.com

  3. Danial Hrominchuk on

    I am new to paypal but it appears to me they are ripping me off! I transferred money into the Paypal account but they apparently was doing double dipping. I figure I lost $40 in a transaction and recently I did a transfer to my account of $44.00 I notice they charge 50 cents to do that
    I had a balance of $87 in my paypal account but now it just shows $2.62 so it appears that I’m losing another $40

  4. Danial Hrominchuk on

    Paypal has returned my $40 probably because they saw the report here. No explanations No Apologies given.

    • Jason Issel on

      Paypal is ripping me as well. It’s really sad I have been a paypal member for over 10 years. I recently got an inhairtenice from my dead gramother. I decied to spend some of it on a really fun toy I have wanted for years. I am not rich nor sadly do I have anyway of defending my self from them. I have been poor for years and finaly had a chance to actualy buy something I have wanted for years. I had never really had problems with paypal until now. I bought a lot and they closed my account giving me some line that some one stole my account and made a bunch of false charges, even, after I told them it was me and no one stole it. Two of my big purchaces have been blocked, and then I had one refund and they put that on hold because they said I was a shady charecter. I am never going to use paypal again but now I am low on money and something I need is not coming and now I am out a 100 because of them. I send a few nasty emails that got me no where, nor can I aford a lawyer to sue them for the money so I will just have to eat it. Paypal is a evil company, never use them, never trust them!