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PayPal Stole $1200 From Our Account

BY Celeita Kramer

I run a non profit horse adoption program and we use paypal to receive a lot for adoption fees, boarding fees and services that people pay for in our program. We have an extensive adoption contract which basically states that all fees are not reimbursed to any adopter even if they return the horse because those fees are applied to help other horses.

An adopter returned a horse to us and according to her adoption contract was required to pay board on the horse being returned (a service, not merchandise). We accepted the horse back thus providing the service she paid for. We even agreed to only taking 4 months of board and we would cover the rest of his expenses, even if it took a year or more to get his adopted. She disputed the payment through paypal and paypal immediately took it from our account. I’m guessing she did this because she knew she could get away with it because she used a credit card for her payment. Then we received two other payments of $400. total and that is gone as well and not available to us.

I sent 13 emails, called paypal 4 times, appealed their decision twice, sent 4 faxes full of information including the contract she signed and agreed to. They never returned our money and never gave any explaination. They won’t even allow me to close the account. I attempted to return the $400. back to the adopters that sent that money and instead of just sending back their money that they sent, Paypal kept their money and is now taking the money out of our account. So I am paying customers back money that we never even received.

They totally ignored all our proof regarding the fees we accepted from this person. When I reviewed their user agreement, a person that has sent money is not allowed to make a dispute over “services”, it is only allowed for merchandise bought but she marked merchandise purchase when she sent the money (only because there is nothing available to show she’s paying the money for a service). Their appeal process is ignored and never reviewed because if it were, our money would have been returned. Our contracts are very clear. We’ve been a member of paypal since 1998 and never had a problem until now, as this was our first dispute and they have made thousands of dollars in fees from us but we will never use them again.

They are a fraud and a rip off and they don’t follow their user agreement.

Celeita Kramer, Executor
Second Wind Adoption Program

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:50 am


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